Open Letters

Dear Zindagi

Just wanted to say hi! We haven’t been in touch lately and wanted to check in , if you were okay. This song and well the movie too, has always been my go to place in the gloomy days. Today, when the world is losing the artists over a mental health issue, I feel it’s high time for kindness,acceptance to take up space in our minds and let it stay, a bit longer for a start and then forever. Somehow we have defined human beings as just a bunch of opinions, ideas and judgements, nothing more. We have indirectly made our lives a battle ground where you are forced to either win or lose. And even after fighting your battles, if you somehow fail, you get tagged as weak. I felt ashamed when I overheard some people talking well, gossiping about this incident and without a thought, said “itna weak kaise ho sakta hai koi, it’s kiddish.” I couldn’t stop myself from getting into a fierceful debate to just explain, the person is gone, let’s take it as a wake up call for us and instead choose to offer his soul some peace, something that he might not have felt when he was alive.For a moment just, can we pause? And think before sticking that label to the thousands who have lost lives because they became their own enemies and couldn’t think of anything else but to end this bliss. Just for a moment, can we think that they already considered themselves as weak and were struggling to prove themselves wrong, every damn moment. If we cannot know and achknowledge someone else’s struggles, let’s atleast try to accept the idea that yes people may feel helpless, they may feel pain to the point that ending life remains the only option, to them and it’s possible.  It is not okay when that helplessness strikes in and all we have is the scathing judgements to pass on. Are we the destiny creators? Or the thought or the feeling the other one must be feeling? No, right. So let’s just collectively shut up, be brave and accepting enough to become kinder, coz it’s being difficult in these times. Can we all, take a few moments for ourselves and others before demises due to mental health issues start becoming less shocking and a bit more usual?

Let’s all take a step towards kindness. Love and kindness to all.

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