Writing has always been one of my favourite ways of expression. This is a genuine try to make this form of expression public, get some insights, entertain some critics and have their cynical reviews. It is all about things I think about, emote to and if my page gets lucky enough, pen them down. So this blog is not targeted at a specific niche, it is just a conversation between me and you through poetry, musings and articles.

Now that you’ve survived a para, below is a free unasked tip to reward you with. Give it a read?

Over the years I have found out that just as digestion helps human biology excrete the undigested food we eat, writing is the same for the mind. Moreover, it doesn’t stink :p
Take a pen and paper and go on, find it out yourself.
And don’t worry, my posts won’t stink like this tip!

Not all those who wander are lost,

Not all those who are lost, wander.

Makes sense?I guess so.

About Me

Okay, let’s do this –

I’d say I am someone who would fit in the classic “Engineer turned Writer” narrative pretty well. Calling myself a Writer somehow feels like a lie so that’s still a WIP (Work in Progress). 😀

Academically, I am an IT Engineer. A big-time dreamer by heart. Of late, I’ve realised that I get amused by two things the most – Writing and Music. Writing is the childhood love that I am reconnecting to in my adulthood while music is a new crush that I keep stalking on weekends.

For a weekly dose of song covers, find me on Instagram or youtube.

As far as writing is concerned – I have been a content contributor at TTT(Terribly Tiny Tales) and am currently working as a content Writer at an Ahmedabad-based digital marketing firm.

Well, the longer version of “About me” is my blog. So see you there. : )